Bonds are a type of fixed income investments. This means they will generate a fixed semi-annual or annual interest rate until their maturity date.

Bonds are loans to governments, companies and organizations. Companies often borrow funds to buy new equipment, start a new project, hire employees or perform necessary research. The date by which the bond issuer promises to repay all of the borrowed money is called the maturity date. The interest payment is called the coupon.
Before investing in bonds it is crucial to do credit rating research and consider maturity dates.



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Bonds help provide a steady source of income. This is especially important for investors who are unwilling to risk and are looking for a safe haven for their funds.

Bonds can help stabilize a portfolio. It is recommended to have both stocks and bonds within one portfolio to hedge against stock market volatility.

A bond can rise in value for various reasons. One such reason includes the improved credit rating of the bond issuer. If this bond reaches maturity – then, of course, any price gains won’t be realized.

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