Owning stocks involves more risk than some other types of investment (e.g. bonds), it is rewarded by the market with higher returns.

There are three main strategies to stock investing:
Intraday trading – traders use price fluctuations to buy and sell the same stock within one day.
Active/swing trading – a trader uses short-term events and times the market to get profit in the next week or a couple of weeks.
Passive investing – traders use fundamental analysis to determine the strength of the business they want to invest in, and then buy and hold shares for years and even decades.



Demo Account

Demo Account

Want a risk-free space to practice new skills and trading strategies? Our free Demo account lets you experience live market conditions without putting any real money at risk.

Live Account

Live Account

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Why to invest

There are no commissions, advisory fees, accounting fees or trading fees.

Have a technical problem? Our IT professionals are ready to assist you 5 days per week, 24 hours a day.

One of the greatest advantages of stock trading is the possibility of growing your income. Investments in stable, blue-chip companies are able to bring up to 10% annual revenue. Dividend income can help fund a bigger cause, like college or retirement, as it is a fixed annual payment.

Stocks are great for diversifying your portfolio. Investing in various companies across different sectors of the economy will help you grow your profits in the long run, even if some individual stocks lose value.

Want to gain access to shares in renowned companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, etc? All you’ll need is a device with Internet access and a trading account.

How it works

To start trading Stocks with TeleCapital you’ll need to open a Live Account. Once registered, you can apply for margin trading. If you have never traded before, we suggest you learn the basics first by opening a Demo Account.

How to invest

In order to set up your account, click the “Create Account” button. To open an account, simply fill-in the registration form.

Our experience and support

Here in TeleCapital we have combined the best of two worlds: online brokering services and the convenience of having a personal assistant. Besides a variety of research tools we offer, your Personal Trading Assistant will advise you on investment decisions, market trends and portfolio management. You don’t have to wait to contact your broker to place a trade – all trades are immediately executed through our state-of-the-art trading platforms. And you are the only one to gauge how much outside input and advice you need from a Personal Trading Assistant, as opposed to running each decision by a traditional broker.





We know how important support can be for beginner and even seasoned traders. That is why our highly-qualified Customer Support specialists and your Personal Trading Assistant are always there when you need us.


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